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20 years Southamtpon visitors 1.jpg

Credit: Sharon Bennett

Twenty Years

2019 - 2022 / Participatory installation /  Bennett & McDermott

Twenty Years encourages new and existing audiences to engage with the construction of contemporary art and socio-political debate as active participants.

We live in uncertain times. In the light of global politics, climate change and the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is increasingly hard to see the future with any clarity. Twenty Years is an interactive installation that encourages visitors of all ages and backgrounds to reflect on life and society for the past 20 years, and explore visions for the next 20 years.

Participants to the installation are invited to contribute thoughts, memories and predictions about the recent past or future onto categorised index cards that are added to a timeline mural. This mural content expands over the course of the exhibition, developing into a colourful and informative installation. The timeline provokes conversations between participants in a non-confrontational way as visitors read what others have written or drawn and decide what to add themselves. 

Twenty Years is a growing archive. Our vision is that Twenty Years will be a long project spanning many years and appearing at locations and settings across the UK and eventually internationally. Each time Twenty Years is shown in a new place and time, an archive of peoples’ recollections, hopes and fears is recorded.

Bennett & McDermott are grateful to The Arts Council England for funding the 2021-22 UK tour of Twenty Years.

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