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Peregrination - dimensions variable, leather index box, table, chairs, date stamp, index cards, pens, instructions

Visitors to the exhibition read the following instructions for the piece.

‘Peregrination’ is a participatory art project that came into being as a result of an on-going dialogue between two people (the artist and ‘Simon’), who met at the 2010 Art Idol event. 


The artwork takes the form of a filing system which attempts to document, organise and archive the exchange of ideas and cultural references that Simon shared with the artist over the course of a year.


In 2011 Peregrination was displayed at The Chosen – an exhibition showcasing the artists who participated in the Art Idol event.  Visitors were invited to interact with the piece and make connections and suggestions of their own.


The same invitation is now offered to you, a visitor to this exhibition, to delve into the archive and contribute to its on-going development.

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