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Town Time

Photo Credit: Sharon Bennett

2021, Bennett & McDermott Collaboration with Dan McDermott

Town Time is a playful and contemplative piece that invites people to briefly uncouple from the constantly moving wheels of measured time and question the reasons behind society's need for us to be cooperative and compliant in it's precisely organised structures.  

Participants are invited to spend nine minutes with the artists engaging in an activity chosen from a menu provided. At the end of the session, participants are invited to set their timepiece back by nine minutes and spend the rest of the day on Town Time.

Town Time is inspired by an exhibit at the Museum in the Park, Stroud that tells of the moment in 1858 when Stroud was one of the last towns in the UK to switch from Town Time to GMT after the arrival of the railway system.  In the switch Stroud 'lost' nine minutes.

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